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Since 2008 ...

Parish Brewing Company has been at battle against boring tasteless beer.

Located in the heart of Cajun Country in Broussard, Louisiana, our simple goal is to make awesome craft brewed beer. But, our story begins around 2003 when our founder Andrew moved from Louisiana to Pittsburgh and discovered a thriving craft beer scene. Returning home a few years later, he recognized a lack of breweries in Louisiana and set out to create part of what is now a thriving brewing industry. Our first beer ever sold was Canebrake, and it was a huge hit from the start. Our distributors couldn’t keep it in stock, and it didn’t help that Andrew was only brewing in the "nano brewery," a tiny 50 gallon brewery that only made about 20 kegs every week. Nevertheless, Parish was being distributed all over the Lafayette, La. region, and Canebrake was becoming more and more popular with a full range of beer drinkers—from folks that usually drink light beers all the way up to 10th level beer nerds.

In 2012, we completed construction on our new brewery on Jared Dr. and began producing a whopping 2,000 gallons of Canebrake every week. At that point we began expanding distribution market-by-market in Louisiana. Fast forward to today, and we are the 2nd largest brewery in the state and distribute our beer throughout the south. Our products have evolved with the market as well. We also began producing our Envie Pale Ale around this time, and in 2014 introduced Ghost in the Machine. Today, we are known in Louisiana mostly for Canebrake, but the rest of the world knows us for Ghost and our juice bomb IPAs and Pale Ales. When we have time and capacity, we brew other beers too, like Rêve coffee stout or barrel aged strong ales. Our philosophy is to be a strong, profitable business, which centers around brewing products that are of incredibly high quality—no matter the style. We also only believe in brewing products that people want to drink (crazy concept, we know).

Today, Parish is made up of 30 of the brightest, most innovative, and hardest-working employees in the brewing world. We come to work every day driven to make beers that get people excited and that our community are proud to call their own. Our team is made up mostly of people who have never worked in other breweries before, and we are proud of that. We do things our own way, and we innovate as a result. We don’t brew beer the way some book written in 1992 tells us to, and we don’t believe in boundaries and limitations on techniques or ingredients. If you’ve purchased one of our beers before, we’d like to say thank you for allowing us to make a living brewing the best product on earth.

Acadiana Seal

Our philosophy centers around brewing beer of incredibly high quality—no matter the style—that people want to drink. We don’t believe in boundaries and limitations on techniques or ingredients.

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Andrew Godley


Anne Kenny

    Market/Wholesale Manager New Orleans

Carli Graf

    Business Admin Manager

Jack Caffery

    Brewery Logistics and Production Coordinator

Jacob Talley

    Chain Accounts Manager

Jody Dobberteen

    Maintenance Manager

Kevin Vincent


Matt Naquin

    Market/Wholesale Manager

Megan Payne

    Taproom/Online Sales/Events Manager

Phillip Lopez

    Packaging Manager

Ryan Bertucci

    Market/Wholesale Manager

Ryan Speyrer

    Head Brewer

Shelby Brignac

    Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Adam Eschete


Drew Plauche


Eric Comeaux


Joseph Ledoux


Gavin Guidry


Jordan Bazile


Beau Broussard


Brock Romero


Brylan Williams


Leo Leonard


Myles Hebert


Nick Spears


Zachary Derouen


Scott Badon


Lessie Ferguson


Stuart Fields


Murphy Godley

    Resident Brew Dog
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