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Grand Reserve Day '16 and new beers

Grand Reserve Day '16 and new beers

OK, first blog post!   Here goes nothing!  

First of all, thanks for reading this.  If you're here, it means you care about what we are doing as a brewery.  If you care, then we are forever grateful for you as someone who has supported us by buying our beer.  You make it possible for us to exist at all and to do what we love for a living.  Cheers to you!  

As many of you may know, our annual Grand Reserve Day is coming up soon. We've always had it the Saturday before Thanksgiving and we will keep with tradition this year and hold the event on November 19.  Corey should have the ticketing and pre-purchase system online on our store on Thursday Oct 13.  We hope you can join us.  To get in you will buy a wristband with 10 tabs on it that will get you 10 servings of our beers (available list below) and a GR Day '16 Teku glass.  Also you can purchase bottles of some special stuff that we have timed to release just on GR Day.  Tickets will sell out so I would not recommend waiting until the last minute.  We are not increasing the amount of tickets from last year even though we did shut a lot of people out.  We just don't want to have a clusterfuck of a situation that we cannot manage.  We are a small brewing company and not professional event managers.  We want to celebrate our beers with as many people as possible, but not sacrificing the enjoyment of the people that generously use their time and resources to spend the day with us.  Bottom line is the event is limited to a set number of wristbands and people allowed so don't wait until the day before, it will sell out.

Here is what will be available:

Grand Reserve '16  (new release, both draft and 750ml bottles to-go)

Rêve Coffee Stout  (fresh batch, both draft and 12oz 4packs to-go)

Ghost in the Machine  (fresh batch, both draft and 12oz 4packs to-go)

DDH Galaxy Envie  (new release, both draft and 12oz 4packs to-go).  Yeah, its Envie but we doubled the dry hop with Galaxy hops (citrus, tropical fruit, black current notes).  This beer has more dry hops than even Ghost! Sure, its a pale ale in gravity, but it is hopped like a DIPA.

Bloom  (new release, both draft and 12oz 4packs to-go).  This massively hopped IPA will feature a new yeast!  All of our hoppy beers to date use our house yeast, which is pretty clean and mildly fruity.  We are brewing this beer with a light grain bill, to be about 6.5% ABV, and lots of juicy hops like we typically do with Opus, Ghost, etc.  We will use a combination of Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe, and LOTS of Nugget for the main hop profile.  We've never used Nugget in our IPAs, but it is a fantastic hop that isn't used enough and we are excited about the passion-fruit it adds to the nose.  The profile will really diverge from the norm once it ferments with the dirty, messy yeast we've chosen.  Our normal yeast is very flocculent and wants to finish clean and drop out of solution, leaving a clear beer.  The yeast in Bloom will stay in the beer to a much greater extent than what you expect from us, plus the fruity profile and aroma will be unique and new.  It may look like a milkshake, but too early to tell.  If you like turbid hop juice, this may be up your alley.  

The rest of these beers below will be for consumption at GR Day only and not available in bottles to-go:

Maple Shade  (new release, Imperial Reserve stout aged for a year in Four Roses bourbon barrels and refermented on maple syrup and further aged on Rêve coffee)

Opus Vert  (we've doubled the dry hop on this, its amazing)

Flora Genesis  (new release, a Golden Petit Sour that our cellarmaster Kevin Vincent developed using high temperature Norwegian yeast and a specific strain of Lactobacillus, dry hopped.  It is light, tart, fruity, floral, and surprisingly complex)

Glass Houses: Boysenberry  (new release, a Petit Sour fermented per Kevin's method above, but aged further on boysenberries. Dark fruit, sour, complex.  We will release future beers under the name Glass Houses, but with different fruit, hence the nomenclature you see here.)



South Coast (new recipe)

Grand Reserve '12, '13, '14, '15

Strawberry Canebrake

Dr. Hoptagon

The Fuzz


Rêve Coffee Stout

'14 Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Reserve

Several one-off casks that will be dry-hopped or fruited or molested in some way that will make it either delicious or interesting or both!

I'm most looking forward to the Petit Sours, Bloom, DDH Galaxy Envie, and Maple Shade.  The Opus Vert will be released in a week or two.  We will distro this batch.  It's tasting phenomenal in the fermenter after dry-hopping with double the total weight, made up of added Simcoe.  I feel like we are going to kick the juice profile of our hoppy beers up another notch.  Maybe even Ghost.  We have THOUSANDS OF POUNDS more contracted sexy hops from this recent harvest than we did this past year.  Stay tuned.

Cheers y'all.


Author: Andrew Godley


Recent Comment

Carlos Lerma

13-Oct-2016 11:25 AM

Great Read!

Todd Warren

14-Oct-2016 08:10 AM

I was interested in purchasing a wristband (and beer), but when I click on "get tickets" its telling me that the event is closed. is this a sold out event?

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