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Ghost, evolved and other topics

Ghost, evolved and other topics

This isn't a political post about the Louisiana ATC.  Maybe in another post.

Hey y'all.  Been a while since writing a Blog post.  Figured with the newest release of Ghost this Friday 4/7 and the increased hop juice, we had something to talk about.  So lets get down to it.

Ghost is perhaps our most important beer.  Canebrake could be argued as the most important, but Ghost is 1. a. or 1. b.  Ghost is what put Parish on the national map.  No one had ever heard of our brewery until that beer started getting rave reviews from around the nation.  Ghost needs to be at the vanguard of our hoppy offerings and needs to be the best.  We know we can make some magical stuff.  We have learned so much about making the juicy hop bombs since releasing Ghost.  And I have not been satisfied with recent iterations of the beer since we have amped up the hop profile in other brands like Bloom, Opus Vert, DDH Envie, and now 4XDH Envie.  As much as I like to change beers and not be tied down to existing recipes, I will admit that I have been somewhat reluctant to make dramatic changes to Ghost all at once.  After all, why mess with such a good thing?  We could change nothing to the beer and still sell every drop we make.  But that's not how we roll, I want us to do better than that. 

So this Friday we will release a new batch of Ghost.  And it will be different.  Better.  The beer will be the juiciest, hoppiest, and the most delicious version of itself to date.  The changes can be summed up as taking the techniques that make 4XDH and Bloom and Opus Vert great and applying these techniques to Ghost.  That means the beer will be far less bitter, more juicy, and it will be the most aromatic hop bomb we make.   It is tasting like a bigger version of 4XDH in profile.  If 4XDH makes your face melt, you will love this Ghost.  I personally love 4XDH and it was the muse for how to modify Ghost.   The hops in Ghost have doubled as a result, and they are all added in a way to maximize the juice and minimize the shit I hate from hops, like bitterness and astringency.   

While I'm thinking about it, shoutout to the guys in the brewery (Jordan, Kevin, Jack, Ryan, Barrett and others) for coming to me with the idea to take DDH Envie a step further and double the dry hop again to create 4XDH.  Its simple, its fun.  Its delicious.  I'm thankful for the great team of people we have at Parish.  We collaborate really well and the work ethic and focus on quality is second to none with this group.  

This upcoming Ghost batch will not be the usual 180 barrel batch we've made the past few iterations because we don't have the room as Envie, Canebrake, and Strawberry Canebrake sales have skyrocketed and our brewery is full.  So this batch will have to be brewery-only as we don't have enough to distribute.  It causes a lot of issues when we only distribute a handful of kegs or cases into the market, because people who usually get Ghost will be left out.  Like they said in school, if you don't bring enough to share, don't bring any at all.  The taproom opens at noon on Friday and we will probably limit sales to one case (6 x 4 packs) and 2 crowlers.  I would expect it to sell out either on Friday or early Saturday.  Don't sleep on this because batches of all of our hop juice have been selling out very quickly at the brewery, which we are very grateful for and appreciate everyone's support and business.   Strawberry seasonal is about to be phased out for the year and then we also have 3 new 120bbl tanks on their way to increase our capacity once again.  We are on target to do over 15,000 barrels of production this year.  Last year we did over 11,000 barrels and the year before about 8,000.  We love this growth rate, not too fast to prevent attention to quality, but fast enough to fund our improving brewery and growing employee payroll.   Hopefully in a couple of months we will be able to distribute the specialty beers once again. 

Anyway, hope to see some folks on Friday.  The juice will be flowing at noon.

In other news, we took over the building next door to the brewery to add more dry storage and offices.  Murphy (our official greeter golden retriever) is a lot lonelier not being next to the taproom, but his boss is getting a lot more work done in a more professional office setting - now known as the intergalactic headquarters.  

Also, we hired 2 more people to our team in March, Myles and Frank.  We have a total of 19 employees now. Holy crap!

We are exploring alternatives to the traditional format of Grand Reserve Day, given recent decisions from the ATC that have made it clear we cannot serve beer outside, nor can we have music outside.   This is a concern since our brewery is getting more and more full of tanks and other large equipment that we cannot move to accommodate the crowd inside.  More on this later, but we need to do some thinking about how to have our event and still comply with new ATC interpretation of the law.

Finally, we are looking to expand big time.  I have been in negotiation on a large piece of land, but if anyone knows of a wonderful potential home for the brewery, by all means reach out.  In the next few years I would like to build a facility that can take us to regional distribution of our beers.  Parish achieved over 0.6% of the total beer market share in Louisiana in 2016.  Think about that.  1 out of every 166 beers sold in Louisiana was a Parish beer.  That is incredible when you think about the entire state and how many beers there are.  The only other non BMC brand that had higher market share in LA was obviously Abita as they are a very well run brand with great products.   We really appreciate the support from everyone and we are working on our end to continue making high quality products for you. 

Cheers y'all.


Author: Andrew Godley


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